*Drive by - Includes driving into the driveway if possible, visually inspecting from the vehicle. A quick walk around looking for other vehicles & signs of others being on the property, signs of obvious problems / damage and making a presence that might deter unwanted guests.
- $25.00

*Exterior walk around - Includes walking the perimiter of the dwelling, visually and physically checking doors and reachable windows, visually inspect ice around boat docks with bubblers, check water spigots, look for visible damage & more:

-Single Check: $35.00
-Bi-Weekly Checks (one check every other week): $30.00 each
-Weekly Checks (more than one week): $25.00 each
-Multiple Weekly Checks: $20.00 each
-Long Term Checks & Special Requests will be negotiated. 
- Automatic (non scheduled) After Storm Checks (if accessable): $35.00